GT-N Electric golftrolley including all accessories

€810.50 €789.00

GT-N Electric golftrolley including all accessories

€810.50 €789.00

This article is unfortunately sold out. Sales have doubled in recent months and inventory can't keep up. On October 14, the new stock will arrive, so if you want to reserve one you can order the trolley and click "pay by invoice" at checkout. Then you don't have to pay anything yet and the trolley is reserved. There are 20 available.

Golf trolley with remote control, including all accessories;

- Stainless steel scorecard holder
- Stainless steel umbrella holder
- Bottle cage
- Phone / rangefinder holder
- carrier bag

Beautiful golf trolley with a modern and sleek appearance.
Our trolleys are made of high-quality stainless steel, wind and weather resistant.
Two powerful motors in the shaft make it easy and effortless to run a round of golf. You run 27 - 36 holes with the lithium battery.
The trolley is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. It consists of 5 parts and can therefore be taken as a compact package and takes up little space in the car or locker at the club.
In short, a pleasure to walk with and many others can confirm that.
We give a two-year warranty on the trolley and the battery.


- assembled with just 5 clicks, quick and easy.

- taken apart the minimum size is 65 x 35 x 25 cm

- trolley weighs 12.5 kg

- made of stainless steel and can withstand wind and weather

- adjustable bag support

- wheels can be put in a freewheel

- speed infinitely adjustable

- automatic electric brake

- down hill control (ensures that the trolley does not accelerate downhill)

- stop and go function

- 10 - 20 - 30 meters forward button

- load capacity is maximum 30 kg

- lithium battery, good for at least 27 - 36 holes (with normal use)

- with battery charger

- 2 x 200W power on the motors and a 24 volt battery

- 2 year warranty on the trolley and battery (not on accessories)

- right of withdrawal (right of return) within 14 days

- Outstanding service

- Shipping costs = see

Extra accessories to make the golf trolley even more complete.