Who am I?

Hello everyone, my name is Ted Bakker and I am the importer, seller, repairer and administrator of the company. I have been an independent entrepreneur for more than 30 years and during that time I had several companies.

The latter was a textile printing company and large format printing together with a partner and 5 employees. As of March 2016, I sold my part to the partner and in particular I was regularly hired by the company for the first few years.

For once I brought 4 electric golf trolleys from China. That was in December 2016. Three units sold in golf sizes and one kept for testing. After 10 months of testing on various golf courses, including Spain and Normandy, the trolley still performed excellently. No problems and only compliments from golfers about my beautiful trolley. This also applies to a number of fellow golfers on the men's afternoon. Whether I could import some of these trolleys! I then had 10 come just before Christmas. They were sold again within a week.

And then GolfTed.eu was born. I have the time, I like it and have to do with golf. Time to take it seriously. Create website, advertise and import enough for sale. Meanwhile, sales are increasing every year and it is still growing nicely.

GolfTed.eu is a webshop and has no shop. I work alone and also like to play golf. Of course you can come by for a demonstration, but I only do this by appointment. I am very flexible about that, because it is also possible in the evening or during the weekend.

As with all electric vehicles, things sometimes break down. In the meantime, I have had lessons from the factory, disassembled and assembled my trolley and stocked extra parts. Until now everything can be repaired and within a day. That is a certain service that I want to maintain properly and quickly. I also don't think about losing my trolley for two weeks because the part is out of stock. In case of problems, I immediately send a shipping ticket to send the trolley, or part thereof. I have a contract with DPD and can work much cheaper. If it's within warranty, it's even free.

After receipt I immediately repair. Usually the same day or the day after and send it back immediately.

If you live nearby, you can even drop by and I'll make it right before you with a cup of coffee. Please bring your own pastries!

Because I have atrose (even got a new hip in October 2019), I started walking electrically. I should have done that much earlier! With a GolfTed this is just walking and it costs no force at all. This way you have more energy for the golf game. Just wonderful. Everyone, young and old, switches to an electric bicycle. So why not on an electric golf trolley. It is much less tiring, faster through the track and your handicap goes down. Also good for your social contacts, because with a GolfTed you will be addressed by many other golfers who complement you with your beautiful trolley. So do it!